To address the limitations of current Covid-19 testing, we have developed a rapid diagnostic assay that employs patented convective flow analyte concentration technology with highly sensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) as a molecular detection modality.


Our Covid diagnostic platform combines three unique components :


1) A microfluidic “strip” that contains sample fluid and directs passive flow, induced by capillary action.


2) An array of binding protein functionalized hydrogel micropillars that serve to concentrate and specifically        retain target antigen as they rehydrate and induce secondary convective flows to their surfaces.


3) A compact, handheld SERS reader that integrates with test strips for point of care detection. 

The combination of these enables rapid and automatic analyte concentration and unparalleled detection sensitivity using inexpensive materials and a straightforward design.  

3D rendering of point of care test device