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Peter Scott, MS, is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Wyoming, where his goal is to help students, faculty, and Wyoming entrepreneurs start companies. He has worked with academics, entrepreneurs, and technology companies for over 20 years.


Most recently Peter was the founder of a baseball analytics company that provides digital coaching for analog baseball players. He has advised over 25 technology start- ups in strategy, marketing/sales and finance has been instrumental in securing commitments of over $10 million of investment.


He has worked with products related to solar energy, wind turbines, fuel injection, engine controls, consumer products, and medical devices. He served as president of Current Motor Company, director of business development at Vale Solutions, and has held marketing and business manager appointments with Covisint LLC, Lorro Inc., Worldspan LLP, MBA Enterprise Corps (Poland), and GE Aircraft Engines. Recently, Mr. Scott started mentoring for Techstars in the Sustainability Accelerator and at the Watson Institute to assist the next generation of social innovators and entrepreneurs.