Rapid Covid Testing

CellDrop Bio's patented technology leverages the rehydration of hydrogel to drive rapid sample concentration— reducing assay times to under 3 minutes. The innovative concentration of sample during this process offers improved sensitivity of several orders of magnitude over existing at home tests, and the product can be cheaply mass-manufactured using existing infrastructure.

How does it work

sample fluid collected
A saliva sample is collected and a small amount placed in the device inlet.
Convection driven concentration
Dehydrated hydrogel modified with covid capture protein designed at MIT draws sample to its surface like a sponge.
visual readout of result
A visual yes/no readout is returned, similar to other rapid tests.

Application Features

Unparalleled detection time
Convection driven sample concentration enables 2+ orders of magnitude greater sensitivity than existing rapid antigen tests.
Inexpensive and straightforward design
Elegant design using existing manufacturing techniques enables a better performing product at no additional cost.
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