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Therapy Encapsulated

Our Platform in a nutshell

CellDrop Biosciences is changing the paradigm of living medicines through encapsulated allogeneic cell therapies

First in horses, then humans

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Current cell therapies
have two major problems

  • They necessitate the use of autologous cells to avoid unwanted immune reactions. This makes them time consuming to administer and not scalable to produce.
  • "Naked" cells injected into an organism migrate and die before achieving their goal. This compromises therapeutic efficacy.

The Answer Is Encapsulation

CellDrop's platform is the ultra-high viability encapsulation of therapeutic cells in microscopic hydrogel droplets (living cells inside microscopic Jello-like marbles).

This patented technology solves the two big problems with existing cell therapies.

Here's how...

  • It enables the production of scalable, off the shelf products using allogeneic cells by preventing their immune detection.
  • It keeps cells alive and localized at an injury site, significantly improving their therapeutic potential.

A Cutting Edge Equine Stem Cell Therapy

CellDrop Biosciences flagship product is an off the shelf, allogeneic stem cell therapy to address suspensory ligament and superficial digital flexor tendon injuries in performance horses.

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