for Performance Horses

2 million performance horses will suffer a tendon/ligamentinjury

Currentsolutions take 9-12 months and often are ineffective, necessitating euthanasia  

Athletes, both equine and human, are expensive;
$6B market opportunity

CellDrop is commercializing a first of its kind encapsulated, allogeneic stem cell therapy for faster and more durable healing of superficial digital flexor tendon and suspensory ligament injuries in performance horses.

Implementation in the veterinary market serves as a stepping stone to human translation, where preliminary evidence shows great promise for reversing debilitating orthopedic conditions like Osteoarthritis.


Small Animal Study
Completed rodent study demonstrated safety and enhanced efficacy over existing treatments
Preclinical Study
Equine preclinical trial confirming evidence of efficacy in horses
Clinical Study
Equine clinical trial; builds off preclinical results for streamlined regulatory approval
Scale up
Scaled production of encapsulated cell biotherapeutic
Go To Market
Sales to veterinarians for treatment of suspensory ligament and SDFT injuries
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