Tissue Regeneration

Cellular therapies can be better. Encapsulating therapeutic cells in hydrogel improves them by preventing migration away from injured tissue after injection, improves cell viability, and prevents immune reaction to allogeneic cells (cells coming from a different donor). Unlike other methods of cell encapsulation, our patented technology is easily scaled, gentle on delicate cells, and extremely biocompatible.

How it works

Hydrogel cell encapsulation
Therapeutic cells such as Mesenchymal Stem Cells are encapsulated in patented PEG hydrogel droplets
microencapsulated cell collection
Cell laden droplets are polymerized using light, and collected with unparalleled ease and efficiency via our patented method
Efficacy enhanced stem cell therapy
Cell laden droplets with >95% viability are ready for injection or freezing for distribution.

Application Features

Prolonged cell viability and localization
Cells are encased in biologically friendly hydrogel, preventing migration and premature cell death.
Faster, more reliable, and more complete healing
Cells persisting longer at an injury site behave as tiny bioreactors-- producing chemicals that signal optimal healing.
Cell cloaking
Like in star trek, but for cells. Hydrogel prevents immune detection, enabling safe use of cells from one donor to another. This solves longstanding problems of potency, characterization, and distribution associated with current autologous cell therapies.