Leveraging the power of hydrogel

CellDrop Bio has over 20 years experience using hydrogel microengineering techniques to build better biomaterials, drug & biomaterial delivery systems, and diagnostic devices. With more than a dozen patents in the space, we are a leader in engineering innovative solutions.

Technology Applications

Tissue Regeneration

CellDrop Bio has developed a patented process to significantly improve the efficacy of tissue regenerative therapies. We do this by encasing cells in microscopic hydrogel droplets (cells in tiny gel marbles). With this technology we are developing the next generation of biotherapies.

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Rapid Testing

Fast, accurate, and inexpensive at home testing is key to controlling health crises like COVID-19. To address this need, CellDrop Bio is developing rapid, point of care tests to enable fast, frequent, and accurate testing using our hydrogel microengineering technology.

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Featured White Papers

If you are interested in learning more about the technology, read these scholarly papers